Warm Clothes distribution

Every winter throughout Pakistan, millions of children are exposed to illnesses caused by severe freezing temperatures. Due to a lack of warm clothing and proper winter gear, thousands of orphans and needy children suffer tremendously in the cold  .

 A Small Clothing Package can make their winters warm and special.  So HHM Pakistan provide warm clothing every year to more than 200 children from the extreme poor families in winter season (December )  in Lahore. we have been doing this for more than 8 years in different area of Lahore Specially villages and Brick-Klin.

What Challanges poor families

                     The situation of  poor children in the poverty areas gives us following haunting facts :


1.Majority suffers from malnutrition and gets extremely ill in winters due to cold.


2.Suffering from certain diseases by not eating healthy food which is not providing the necessary multi-vitamins needed to survive.


3. Due to poverty , they have never been to any school or are school dropouts.


4. Usually the children gets severe illness like cough, chest infection which effects their learning abilities


December is the season of sharing love and bringing hope to the life of everyone. During winter, the survival and mobility of children become tough due to extreme weather conditions and they lack warm stuff to protect themselves from the risky affects of weather. HHM provide Surprise Giving Package to children. The package includes

1- warm suits 

2- pairs of socks 

3- warm sweater

4- food items 

5- Christmas cake


The provision of warm clothes at the Christmas Season will protect them from cold weather and save them from various seasonal diseases. 

The provision of Food package during christmas season help family to spending whole december ( Jesus Birthday Month) with Joy and Happiness without getting worried about food.

Every year in december along with warm clothes and food package, our ministry also bring Cake at Brick-Klin and held Cake Cutting Ceremony there and we Celebrate Jesus Birthday with them. This make children at bricklin so special for them.

Future Plan

In terms of future work, Our Ministry will expand its efforts to provide other essential items to these Needy children, such as Big food package, clean water, and healthcare. Additionally, it can work towards building long-term solutions that address poverty and inequality in Pakistan. By doing so, Our Ministry can create a sustainable impact that benefits these People for generations to come.