Helping Orphan Children Monthly

What is Orphan Children

Orphan children are children who have lost one or both parents, and who do not have any other family members or legal guardians to care for them.

What are Orphanage Center

An orphanage is a residential institution or place that provides Care and Support for orphaned children who do not have any family members or legal guardians to care for them. Orphanages may also provide Shelter, Food, Clothing, Education, and other basic needs to children who are abandoned or have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect.

What we are doing for Orphan Children

Holy Heaven Ministry Pakistan is Helping Many Orphan Children , from Past several years, By providing them Food, School fee, Clothes , Stationary , Health Care , Warm Clothes  , Emotional Support  and other necessary things.

Right now we don’t have Orphan Center but we are helping Children’s in different¬† villages , bricklins and in Lahore.

we are Also Helping different orphan Center Monthly. Our Ministry provide donation to those orphan Center for their needs.

Our Future Planning

Our Future Plan is to Create big orphan center where we can accommodate Thousands of Children and Give them Quality Christian Life as well as Quality Education.

If our work Admires you and God puts in your heart Then Donate today for Orphan Children, and if you wants to help for orphan center building then feel free to contact us.