Helping BrickLins Families Monthly

For thousands of years bricks have been made by hand. These days, in many parts of the world, bricks are made by machines. But in Pakistan many families still face slave-like conditions making bricks by hand.

What is Bonded labor

Bonded labor, also known as debt bondage, is a form of modern-day slavery that is prevalent in Pakistan. It is a system in which a person is forced to work for a landlord or employer to pay off a debt . Workers are often lured into debt with promises of high wages, but are then forced to work in poor conditions with little pay, no freedom of movement, and no ability to leave until the debt is repaid which can take years or even decades. The debt often accumulates due to high interest rates and other fees, making it impossible for the workers to ever repay.


These Brick Families eat Food only one time in a Single day and when they don’t work ,like when they are sick or there is rain( because rain stop work) they don’t get even Single food slot Which make their condition Worse.


Many of the workers in Bonded Labor are religious minorities Specially Christians . They are often subject to physical and verbal abuse, and their children are  forced to work alongside with their Parents.

Workers in brick kilns typically work long hours, often from dawn until dusk, in hot and cramped conditions. They are required to perform repetitive tasks, such as mixing clay and molding bricks, which can cause repetitive strain injuries. They are also exposed to dust and smoke, which can lead to respiratory problems.

They are also paid very little only if they will make 1000 brick in a Single day, and the debt they owe to the kiln owner often accumulates rapidly due to high interest rates and other fees. They are not allowed to seek other employment.

Overall, working in brick kilns as a bonded laborer is an incredibly difficult and often dangerous experience, and one that is extremely hard to escape from without outside help.

How we are Helping Them
From Past two years Holy Heaven Ministry Helping Several Bricks Slave Families by Providing them Monthly Food, Medical assistance and  Clothes.
Food is our Main priority because it is basic need of all , we can live without anything but if we don’t have food we will not live.
Thats why we are helping several bricks families with their basic food need which is helping them to stay alive and work.
We are also helping them in their Spiritual Growth  by teaching word of God through Monthly Meeting and Sunday School.
If our work admires you than join us in this mission, we need Monthly Food and other necessary things for several brick families and also if you are blessed then come and help us to free families from brick klin by Paying Their Debt to Owner.
Donate today for Brick families , and if you have any idea which can be somehow helpful for those poor families then feel free to contact us. 
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