Computer College for Christian Student

 Information Technology for Deserving Students

Our Vision:-

Helping Christian to Learn latest Technology and help their Family

Why do I plan it?

Where the HHM  is working is a very big community of Christians, near about 2,000 families in this area, there is a numerous Christian children whose are getting secular education from different government and private schools, but as it is the age of computers, in every business field of life, there is a big use of computer. So when students complete their education and apply for their jobs in different companies, Aha! They don’t get hired, because they don’t have computer skills, even that they are well educated.

Digital illiteracy is the main reason behind they don’t be hired on jobs by companies. They want to get computer skills but unfortunately they cannot get them, because there is no computer centre in this area. There are many computer training institutes in our city but all are far away from us and according to their financial condition it’s hard to them to bear high expenses and to go there for training. Being a “JOBLESS”, they are still under the line of poverty. As there are 95% children in our community belong to brick kilns and poor families, some of them lost their father or mother or both of them.


Our Christian community is requesting to us to establish a computer training centre to empower their children to make them able to meet requirements of business companies. So we need to bring them above the line of poverty, that’s why we are thinking to take a step and to establish free computer training centre. We are well acknowledge about the things required for an institute and had completed all documentations but because of limited sources we are unable to get started at the moment. In the beginning we need a lot of things to start this free computer training institute. We need your love and prayers.                            Computer literacy is the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiency.Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers. Many employers try to use computers to help run their company faster and cheaper.

Courses & Software


  1. Basics: (Windows installation, Control Panel, Email and Internet)
  2. DCS : (MS Office, In-Page)
  3. Computer Hardware: (Practical Work, troubleshooting and Networking)
  4. Graphics Designing: (Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and Corel Photo)
  5. Video Editing : (Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Effects)
  6. Website development : (Word press Joomla ,Magenta, Hosting, Domain Management Tools)



There is a big impact of computer training on our community especially on youth because when they will get computer education with their secular studies, it will be very helpful to meet requirements business companies. Information Technology skills will help them to improve their life by earning handsome amount every month. They will be get above the line of poverty.